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Everything we do revolves around saving our clients time and money through providing quality LED lighting products and services at competitive prices. All of our products are followed up with reliable customer care.

Don’t sabotage your business by hesitating to replace your current bulbs with LED bulbs. Take the next step to becoming an energy efficient facility. It really makes sense to change your light bulbs, especially with all the payback incentives that are being offered to you right now. It’s a win-win! Just sit back and enjoy the feeling of being taken care of by our team of professionals and enjoy the savings from our LED bulbs.

  • Installation & Project Management
  • All-Inclusive Financing Options
  • Energy Survey & Audit With Savings Calculations
  • Energy Rebate Submission

Installation & Project Management

Whether you’re looking to save money and to better illuminate a multi-story building, car garage, hospital, hotel, or to make a positive impact on the environment, BDT Energy Group can assist you. Our network of qualified contractors will provide retrofits and installations to meet your lighting needs. Not only will you have energy efficient lighting, but your LED lights will shine in a color spectrum which is optimal for operational and aesthetic appeal. We have the LED product and energy solution for everyone:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Automobile showrooms and retails spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Car garage and other area lighting
  • Warehouses and factories

All-Inclusive Financing Options

While it’s true that an LED retrofit will pay for itself in as little as one to two years and the energy rebate will cover a significant portion too, we also offer financing options for our clients. Our financing options:

  • Are private funds so they don’t affect your credit rating
  • Are easy to obtain
  • Require no payment up front, just your first month payment
  • Allow you to secure energy savings before you start making payments
  • Include soft costs such as product shipping
  • Account for 100% of the cost of the installation
  • Allow you to get started right away

Click here to learn more about our financing options.

Energy Survey & Audit With Savings Calculations

Before considering return on investment, it’s important to first understand how much your current lighting is costing you each month. This involves an energy survey of your building and calculating where money can be saved. For larger projects (and even some smaller ones) we can provide a complete on-site survey and audit of your property or project. The process follows these steps:

1. Overall electricity consumption analysis based on hourly usage and bulb count
2. Calculating total energy savings per year including reduction on HVAC costs
3. Financial projection of energy savings based on LED’s extensive lifespan
4. Calculate energy rebate and finance deductions where applicable
5. Send you a complete, accurate and easy to understand report

Energy Rebate Submission

There are great incentives and rebates available to those who switch to LED lighting. We’ll guide you through the entire process and even submit your rebate for you! Click here to learn more about how you can be rewarded.

People assume it's expensive to switch their lighting - it's not!

We offer businesses new lighting, fully installed, without using their cash. Can you imagine? Getting new LED lighting, plus saving more money each month than what you're spending right now in energy costs on your existing lighting! As our customers say, "it's a no-brainer".

How does it work? The guaranteed savings from your reduced energy usage will cover the minimal monthly cost of the lighting. You will continue to reap savings for years to come as energy prices increase. We help by making the complete process easy from the start to finish.

Have questions or ready to get started with your free consultation?

Please click the link to email us or call us at (800) 325-0380. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will join the many people who have saved money, time, and energy with BDT Energy.