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LED Project financing simplified!

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Now BDT offers LED project financing simplified. Customers can take advantage of Graybar Financial Services Energy-Efficient Rate Specials for LED Lighting when purchasing products and services from BDT. If you have been considering upgrading your lighting to energy saving LED but didn't want the upfront cost, then now is the perfect time to take advantage of low "Green Financing" rates for LED lighting purchases and retrofits. The process is easy and the approval is quick. No advance payments required. 5.1% interest offer good on lease applications that are submitted by July 31, 2016.

SCE – Southern California Edison Offers Rebates for Energy Efficient LED Lighting

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SCE offers a solution directory as a reference guide that lists eligible LED lighting equipment (solutions) and qualification criteria for incentives available to customers through SCE’s 2013–2014 Express Solutions and Customized Solutions programs and 2012-2014 Automated Demand Response Technology Incentive programs.

Riverside Public Utilities Energy Efficiency Lighting Incentives for Businesses

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Riverside Public Utilities offers customers incentives when they replace older, inefficient lighting with the most energy-efficient fixtures available. And now, they are expanding this incentive program to include day-lighting and occupancy sensors, along with solar tubes and sky lighting.