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Lighting Audits and LED Lighting
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Lighting Audits and LED Lighting

What is a lighting audit?

For most people, the term "audit" means nothing more than the government shuffling through their financial statements during tax season. Here at BDT, we would like to shed some new "light" on just how a "Lighting audit" can benefit the environment AND your pocketbook.

Sounds intimidating, right?  Fear not! 

Why are lighting audits beneficial?

The simple process of gathering information on your existing lighting, then comparing the information to an LED comparable replacement, can tell you how much energy you will save by switching your lighting. 

How do lighting audits work?

Here are two simple ways to be sure your lighting audit is completed in the most efficient manner:

  1. A lighting expert can conduct a walk-through of the facility, providing you with a detailed audit report of energy savings and include a quote for LED lighting replacement.
  2. Or you can provide us with the lighting details over the phone and we will provide a detailed audit report of energy savings and include a quote for LED lighting replacement.

There are six basic questions we need answered to complete an energy audit.

  1. Type of bulb or fixture
  2. Quantity of bulbs or fixtures
  3. Wattage of bulbs or fixtures
  4. Color temperature of bulbs or fixtures
  5. Hours of operation
  6. Current energy kWh cost

Why should I purchase LED lighting?

Did you know that lighting uses, on average, 39% of the electric power in a building?  LED lighting can reduce your lighting cost by 50% or more.  That is a huge saving!  By switching to LED lighting, not only will you save money and energy, you will be riding the wave of the future by going green.  

How do I select the best LED lighting?

We can make it easy for you. The best way to begin making a change for your business or home is with a lighting audit. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (951) 530-3360!

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